Hosted Voice

The NET6 hosted voice service will protect your business critical applications from downtime by providing one of the best data hosting facilities in the region. Our pool of technical knowledge allows hosting suport of Telephony products at a Layer 1, 2 & 3 level.

Another benefit of hosting in a NET6 Data Centre is the accuracy of dealing with large third-party Carriers and ISPs; you will never have to wait on hold with your 'Telco' again.


  • Diverse power from 2 Ontario Hydro sub stations
  • 2 Diesel powered generators
  • On-site diverse fibre entrances into the facility
  • 4 separate carriers available on-site
  • 2 diverse air conditioning units plus ice chilled air

By subscribing to NET6 services we can offer ‘high availability’ second to none. Our company ensures that the most qualified technicians are maintaining your service, allowing your business to be a valuable competitor in today’s market. Connectivity will be delivered from the company premises to our NET6 Data Centre via a fully managed (hardware, software and design included) 10Mb broadband circuit (2Mb guaranteed burstable to 10Mb). Access to Internet services are billed at a set rate per Megabit.

Managed Voice

Voice services are considered the most mission critical in the majority of enterprise scenarios and as such, NET6 offers a fully managed voice package to clients. The device(s) responsible for providing a company's voice service is located in one of the NET6 Data Centres. The co-locations are fully monitored which is included in the managed service package.

Alternatively, if a company has previously existing Telephony hardware or software that needs management, we can provide the same service expertise to the current production environment. Additional resiliency measures such as PBX Trunking are offered for current systems to ensure minimal business downtime.


All basic moves, adds and changes will be a portion of the contract along with regularly scheduled upgrades from the equipment manufacturer. Application upgrades will be managed by NET6 with cost of the application as a onetime customer cost. Maintenance and repair technicians will be available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year to proactively manage any critical issues that might unexpectedly arise.