Leveraging Huawei enterprise software and hardware, NET6 can deliver top tier video conferencing solutions to your business.

Our company facilitates realtime media communication in various areas such as: eClassrooms, remote medical consultation, command center operations, remote meeting teleconferencing and more.

Please contact us for a demonstration of this new technology. Allow us to provide the quality, flexibility and resilience that your organization needs to successfully achieve business objectives.


  • World's first three-in-one smart HD Videoconferencing system
  • Easy to install and configure. Simple, practical and cost effective
  • Inteligent Voice Dialing technology
  • Wi-Fi Access and Hotspot features. Wireless microphone arrays and touch-pad controls also available
  • User-Friendly Interface and Remote-Control Design
  • Next-Generation Technology for Superior HD Experience at Lower Bandwidth. 1080p quality at 512Kbps bandwidth
  • Outstanding Network Adaptability and Security Mechanism
  • Extensive System Integration with all major platforms used around the world