As a real estate professional, you know that responding to customers quickly is an essential business capability that can make the difference between new sales and missed opportunities. Answering every sales call "live" means more new business, smoother deals, fewer complaints and more satisfied customers.

To maximize sales opportunities, agents need instant access to contact databases, the ability to conference far-flung customers and colleagues quickly and to communicate with clients and prospects at any time, from any location. Providing this level of service is no easy task. Answering and routing a high volume of inbound calls can frustrate and demoralize even your most seasoned employees, while long hold times and misdirected calls frustrate both current and prospective owners and tenants.

The Hosted IP PBX Solution

NET6 Communications utilizes VoIP technology in its real estate communications solutions to keep your agents current, your customers happy and your business growing. NET6 turns your existing phone system into an IP-based advanced communications tool that integrates computers and telephones to help capture leads, close sales, increase client satisfaction and improve office productivity.

Features & Benefits

  • An easy-to-use visual interface that shows your agents who is on the line and who is on hold, so that they can stay on top of hot leads and new sales opportunities.
  • Sophisticated call features that ensure customer satisfaction and increase staff productivity by allowing different call types to be routed differently. For example, VIP customers can be routed to a specific agent, a live attendant might answer all non-VIP sales calls, and maintenance calls can be automatically forwarded to a voicemail box that is checked on a frequent basis.
  • Intelligent 'find me' call routing that allows agents on the road to instantly receive calls from clients and from other brokers, making them more responsive to new sales opportunities and eliminating 'telephone tag'.
  • Tracking and logging capabilities for all calls, allowing you to more closely monitor the effectiveness of your sales team.
  • IP telephony, which means seamless integration with existing office applications such as Microsoft Outlook. This capability increases staff productivity and up selling opportunities by allowing information in databases to be instantly accessed by agents during phone calls.
  • Built-in conference features that allow your agents to quickly set up a conference call without hiring an expensive third-party conference provider.
  • A service that grows with your firm, allowing you to save money by leveraging our hosted voice service across multiple locations.