NET6 was derived from the original company, Sunrise Interactive Communications Services (phonetically, S.I.C.S. = 6). As an organization specializing in ‘on-shore’, ‘near-shore’ and ‘off-shore’ data center solutions, hosting, disaster recovery and call centre services, we have many areas of expertise:

NET6 Building

  • Data center hosting
  • Network design, implementation and maintenance
  • Contact center solutions
  • Managing and monitoring call centers
  • Video conferencing and VoIP communications

 Executive Background

President of the company, William Semeluk, and Director Nunzio Dinaro are the lead of the business, handling technical services and operations respectively. Between the two, there is a combined 70 years of experience in delivering complex communications services to Canada and around the world.

 NET6 was founded on 6 principles:

  • Voice communications is imperative to the success of clients
  • Security of our facility is an absolute commitment to our customers
  • Full data centre redundancy to ensure 99.9% up time
  • Our voice expertise has to be second to none in the market
  • Credibility in the market is our marquee
  • Employees who serve our customers are our life blood

Our specialized IP voice service allows our customers to lower monthly costs and focus on driving improved profitability. Our mission is to ensure you, the client, are connected to your business via our NET6 infrastructure and through the exceptionally talented team we have deployed.